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My favorite season is FINALLY here, football season. Growing up in a football family I have been dragged from some of the dustiest college stadiums to the most elegant NFL stadiums. At the end of the day they all serve their purpose and that is for one team to walk out a winner. Because we are all winners on this blog, I have created a list of WINNING STADIUMS you must visit this fall.

College Stadiums

  1. Memorial Stadium, Clemson


Let me start off by saying that Clemson has one of the prettiest campuses I’ve ever seen. Memorial Stadium aka Death Valley Junior is one of the toughest places a visiting team might have to go. Though the stadium only holds 81,500 fans, they are much louder and prouder than one might imagine. Being a part of this Tiger experience is something you should def add to your bucket list.

Game to attend this season: Auburn at Clemson – September 9. I smell a rematch.

  1. Rose Bowl, UCLA



In college football language, the Rose Bowl is iconic. For damn near 100 years, college football players from around the nation have played at the Rose Bowl. Hell, Kanye even performed at the Rose Bowl. The stadium itself isn’t that fancy, but there’s no bad seat in the house. I’ll be going down in September to see Texas A&M beat the hell outta UCLA, but I hope you get the chance to visit soon.

Game I’ll be attending: Texas A&M at UCLA – September 2. Season kickoff

  1. Michigan Stadium, Michigan


Oh Michigan. I’ll preface this by saying I hate the cold so, I’ll only ever go back during the fall months. Nonetheless, MICHIGAN IS THE LARGEST COLLEGE FOOTBALL STADIUM IN THE COUNTRY. BIGGEST IN THE WORLD PROBABLY!!! The craziest thing about this stadium is that every seat is perfectly positioned for you to get the perfect view. So, whether you spend $20 or $500, you will have a good view.

Game to attend: Ohio State at Michigan – November 25. Last year they went into a crazy overtime so, prepare for a long one.

  1. Tiger Stadium, LSU


LSU has the best tailgating. You literally walk from tent to tent smelling world’s best gumbos and everyone will offer you a bowl. This particular Death Valley is def one of the hardest places most teams would say they play. With a stadium holding 102,321 people…. I would hate to win or lose here. Just go to a night game so, you can see it sparkle at night.

Game to attend: Auburn at LSU – October 14. Les Miles got fired the last time they played, need I say more?





  1. Kyle Field, Texas A&M

Last, but not least…. Kyle Field. Some might say I’m bias because I attended school here, but really there’s no place like Kyle Field. After recent renovations, I’m def jealous of the current students that attend Texas A&M, but love my weekends when I get to go back to Aggieland. The real 12th man live here and they don’t sit down or shut up, so come in some comfy shoes and bring some cough drops because you’ll need em.

Game to attend: Alabama at Texas A&M – October 7. BTHO Alabama.



NFL Stadiums



  1. Everbank Field, Jacksonville

So, yes, the Jags suck…but their stadium is so awesome. This stadium has two swimming pools that you can dip instead of watching the game. Tickets are cheap, and there are 20 something tvs located in the party zone that show other games. Just go see it and tell me if your dip in the pool was fun!

Game to attend: Rams at Jaguars – October 15

  1. U.S. Bank Stadium, Vikings


So, Minnesota is one of those states that most people wouldn’t pick for their vacation. But there are some pretty cools things not too far from the stadium like the Mall of America. The stadium is brand new and sexy and from facetime videos, I could see that it sparkles. The 2017 team may or may not make the new stadium worth all the trouble, but if not Super bowl will be played there in 2018.

Game to attend: Saints at Vikings – September 11. MNF!





  1. Lambeau Field, Packers


Lambeau Field is the oldest stadium and still feels like a true football stadium. I’d would say go to this stadium just because Packers fans are unexplainable. Like no one else in the country. They literally freeze their butts off in winter, but say they stay warm by drinking beer and eating cheese curds. My suggestion would be to go during winter and see if you can brave the Packers weather.

Game to attend: Saints at Packer – October 22. Rodgers/Brees.


  1. CenturyLink Field, Seahawks


Seattle is awesome…can anyone say Starbucks? CenturyLink is a must visit. They say that Seahawks fans are the loudest and proudest in the NFL, that’s why they call themselves the 12th man, but that’s a story for another day. The stadium is beautiful, food prices are steep, but seeing how they’ve won a couple of championships recently…it’s well worth your money.

Game to attend: Texans at Seahawks – October 29. DEFENSE!!!!!


  1. AT&T Stadium, Cowboys


Jerry Jones perfected the art of the stadium when he created AT&T. I have been to stadiums all around the world and nothing compares. This stadium is equipped with everything from an art gallery to luxury suites at field level. There’s truly nothing that Jerry didn’t think of if you want a fancy af football experience. 13/10 would suggest you going to AT&T stadium, even if it’s just a free tour around it on a Tuesday.

Game to attend: Chiefs at Cowboys – November 5.




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