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I spent the July 4th holiday in Nassau, Bahamas. Prior to my trip, I did my normal research and couldn’t find the information I was looking for. So, I basically said YOLO and hoped for the best for this week long vacation.


I chose Nassau because I was originally looking for a trip to Jamaica and flights were ridiculous. We found a flight from Austin, TX to Nassau for a little under $300. Luckily, I had some left over points with Delta Airlines….so, I flew FO DA FREE!!!!


Because I YOLO’d this trip I didn’t have the normal “Carri Travel Itinerary,” my only plans were food and beach. What food would I eat, idk? What beach would I go to, idk? But YOLO!

Upon arriving in Nassau, I was pleasantly surprised with how nice the Airport was. Because the Airport has obviously been recently updated it was a marathon length walk to customs. Luckily, I checked my carryon suitcase or else I would have been struggling.


Customs line was short and sweet. We had prescheduled a taxi with our Airbnb and she was there waiting. Everything was going smoothly, I knew this trip was #finnabeabreeze!

When we arrived at our Airbnb, the host was there to show us around the property and give us tips and tricks. This Airbnb was the cutest little studio and gave me a chic beachy vibe. Some of the other Airbnb’s I saw were sketchy looking at best, but this one was right up my alley. I think my favorite part about this Airbnb was the location and it was easily walkable to Fish Fry and a Liquor store.

After the tour, the host gave us a list of RULES. Now, I’m going to share these rules with you, but please understand that I broke every rule on this list but one. I know, I know…do better! But I made it back home to write this blog, so don’t worry. Nonetheless, I broke all these rules, but if you continue reading you will see how to safely do the same.


The rules are as follows:

  1. Don’t take any free rides
    1. Taxi: Taxis are stupid expensive in Nassau. From the airport to the Airbnb was $40 and from the beach to the Airbnb was $35 and that was the last time I paid for a taxi.
      1. Pro-tip: Only get in Taxis with yellow license plate or you will probably for sure get taken.
    2. Bus: The bus is $1.50 a ride
  • Pro-Tip: The bus doesn’t really run on a schedule and they aren’t required to make specific stops. Talk to the driver before getting on to make sure he’s going to your destination and pay him when you get off.
  • Pro-Tip 2: The bus basically stops running at 6 pm so get to where you need to be around 5 PM.
  • Pro-Tip 3: I didn’t know what I was doing on our first bus ride and it ended up that he wasn’t going to our stop. So, I flirted with him and for .50 extra cents he took us where we needed to go.
    1. Uber: currently there is literally only one Uber driver on the island, Diego. He usually leaves his phone at Fish Fry to charge so, there’s no guarantee that he will be on the App when you need him. We ended up hiring him for $60 for the entire day and he drove us anywhere we wanted and even took us to the airport at 5 AM. Tell him I sent ya.
    2. Walk: Depending on where you are staying; you can pretty much walk through the entire island. So, bring good walking shoes so, your toes stay pretty.


  1. Always sign liability paperwork
    1. There are plenty of tours and activities to do on the beach. I love a good tour, but when in Nassau make sure to sign liability paperwork.
    2. Snorkeling, diving, and swimming with dolphins are about $150 an activity and day trips to Exuma to swim with the pigs and sharks are about $400. If you have the budget…do it and tag me in the picture.
    3. If you don’t sign anything and you YOLO the activity; you will probably die and the sharks will eat you
    4. If you are feeling reckless; my neighbors paid $20 to swim with wild sharks
      1. Apparently this “tour company” feeds this specific group of sharks on a daily basis, so they aren’t as hungry as typical sharks.


  1. Don’t eat the Chinese food
    1. From what I heard from locals, Nassau use to have a really aggressive stray dog problem. Within the last 4 years several Chinese companies have moved to Nassau and now all of sudden there are only like 3 stray dogs. But you didn’t hear that from me. You might be safe with fried rice, but def not the peppered steak.
    2. Eat at Fish Fry – Fish Fry is basically like a shopping center of restaurants and bars. Pretty much every restaurant has the same food, but just “made differently.” Some offer specials like “Free Wi-Fi or Free Bahama Mama”, so ask around.
      1. My Faves:
        1. Twin Brothers – daiquiris
        2. Drifters – Conch Salad
        3. Island Brothers – Cracked Conch




    1. Money is 1:1; so you don’t have to exchange your US dollars. Pretty much every restaurant charges a VAT and Gratuity so, you only have to tip if you like.
    2. If you get sick of the local food there are plenty of American options; KFC, Pizza Hut, and McDonald’s.


  1. Don’t walk at night by yourself
    1. I felt that Nassau was totally safe, but of course being in unfamiliar territory always walk on the side of caution.
    2. There is a gang, Wet Money Gang: you can identify them by having WM tatted somewhere on their arm. My biggest suggestion is not to come across them and don’t ever “owe” them anything.
    3. Also, Honda’s are like the “bad guy” car so, keep an eye out.


  1. Watch yo mouf
    1. They totally kinda speak English in the Bahamas
      1. Every person I came across spoke their own kind of patois, creole, or jumbled up English.
      2. Here’s some vocab I learned:
        1. Daiquiris pronounced (dike ur ree)
        2. Conch pronounced (conk)
        3. Bungee cheek means butt cheek
        4. Mudda sucka means MF
        5. Bumbaclot means ass wipe or MF or some other bad word
      3. I was told I looked like a native so, I literally would walk in local spots and just listen to what they were saying to see if they were talking about me lol.


*** If you’re wondering what rule I didn’t break; I didn’t eat the Chinese Food. ***



Nirvana Beach aka Love Beach is the only beach I would suggest, junkanoo beach was too touristy, water was salty, and the sand hurt to walk in.


We went during the week so the party scene was limited.

Atlantis has bars and clubs; but expect to pay like $30 for a Tito’s and sprite.

Senor Frog’s was literally the same as other locations, but was not very packed during the week so the DJ let me control the music.


Bacardi Club downtown was fun, but they played Wild Thoughts by DJ Khaled no less than 17 times so they are on my naughty list.

Ultimately, Fish Fry had the cheapest and tastiest drinks. They have several shot bars throughout and don’t forget Daiquiris from Twin Brothers. The Bahamas is pretty much BYOB and apparently you can drink and drive so, play it safe and drink the national beer, Kalik, and act like a local.

Overall, I would rate my Bahamas Trip 6/10. I had a great time, but wish it was a little more budget friendly and more of a turnup. I’ll prob go back on a weekend and bring a bae this time.




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