Roadtrippin’ has to be one of my favorite past times. As a kid, my parents drove me all over the U.S. and through each place we visited a memory was created. Summer ’17, I haven’t had the opportunity to road trip as much as I’d like, but that’s all going to change this weekend!

*Drumroll please*

‘Cuz I’m headed to New Braunfels, Texas. New Braunfels is about a 2.5-hour drive from Houston, depending on traffic and if you live anywhere near Houston you know traffic is sketch AF. So, I have prepared a list of Road Trippin’ Necessities for this 2 hour trip that may take 5 hours.


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Bahama Mama


I spent the July 4th holiday in Nassau, Bahamas. Prior to my trip, I did my normal research and couldn’t find the information I was looking for. So, I basically said YOLO and hoped for the best for this week long vacation.


I chose Nassau because I was originally looking for a trip to Jamaica and flights were ridiculous. We found a flight from Austin, TX to Nassau for a little under $300. Luckily, I had some left over points with Delta Airlines….so, I flew FO DA FREE!!!!


Because I YOLO’d this trip I didn’t have the normal “Carri Travel Itinerary,” my only plans were food and beach. What food would I eat, idk? What beach would I go to, idk? But YOLO!

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